Sunday, July 31, 2011


1st August 2011
Ms. Ra'ana Khan

Perhaps the word ‘Freedom’ should have been spelt as ‘freedumb’. The concept is almost like an oxymoron.

Freedom- what exactly does it mean?

In my understanding true freedom would mean that everyone is free to do as they please, live as they please, think as they please, choose as they please, want as they please, give as they please, take as they please etc etc. And if this is what it is, then freedom negates all concept of crime, rights, judgment and all other laws. Because under the law of ‘freedom’ no other law can exist. There would be only one law and that is the law of ‘Freedom’ – everyone is allowed to do what they like, or please and whatever makes them happy.

Under the law of freedom, a rapist would not be a criminal, for he was exercising his right to do as he pleased. A cannibal would too be justified under the law of ‘freedom’. A mass murderer too would be just any other ordinary citizen enjoying his freedom. Because if true Freedom prevailed then you cannot discriminate between people and say only such and such people are allowed to exercise their right of Freedom since that would be confining and thus be conflicting with the utter concept of freedom. After all true Freedom entails ‘live and let live!’

Thus I conclude that Freedom is a sham! And true freedom would lead to nothing but absolute chaos and anarchy!

I wonder all those so vehemently pro Freedom and the philosophy of ‘live and let live’ if it really came to themselves how much of it would they be following. I wonder if one day they woke up to find their children indulging in a gay orgy in their lounge, whether it would shock their senses or they would simply smile nodding at them saying “Oh wow! I love freedom. I am so going to ‘live and let live’!” Or if their spouse decided to have an affair openly and blatantly would it offend them in the least or would they sincerely be happy for their spouse exercising his or her right to freedom?

In the so called environment of ‘freedom’ every moment is fluid and there is no concept of stability, for anyone can behave any which way and transform into a crazy person pulling the very ground from under your feet. Leaving you to feel like one does in a dream where they are falling falling falling into a bottomless pit!

I personally like the concept of Law, rights and accountability, for with these tools one can live in harmony and peace. Enjoying some balance and some consistency. Where one can be channelized to think, have values, aspirations and dreams and from there one can build minute to minute, thus growing in a direction which then leads them to the place they ultimately want to reach.

Moreover, I believe Allah-SWT is the Creator, the Originator of everything. In addition, I do realize that the Prophet Muhammad-SAAW, according to Allah-SWT has been sent as "Rehmat-ulil-A'alameen" (A Mercy for the entire created worlds). Thus there can be no concept of equality, love, peace and serenity outside of what he-SAAW delivered to us mankind. And when I look at everything around me and focus on something as minute as an ant or even a bee and see how perfect and meticulously Allah-SWT has made it, chalking out such a perfect system that it follows instinctively. There remains no doubt that the system that HE has chalked out for us humans has to be by far the most perfect system there ever can be and I certainly want to live by that perfection and to do so I need to have it implemented all over the world. And then and only then can there be perfect balance, harmony and peace.