Thursday, October 28, 2010

A very special dua at the request of a very dear friend!

I was asked by a very dear friend to flood her wall by sharing my dua’s because it might give other people some ideas about what they should also be asking for etc. I believe that dua’s are something very special and private between you and your Allah-SWT. Most of the dua’s are way too personal to share. They are either both personal and private because they concern you or because they concern someone dear to you and/or their private matter. But there is this one specific dua that I would like to share, because there is no one on Earth who cannot benefit from it...
See if my beloved were to ask me to ask him for anything at all and he would do his utmost to give it to me. I would ask him for himself! I would say “I want you! I want you to give me your complete self with all your affections, love, kindness, attention and joy with its utmost intensity, forever and ever and ever till eternity, that ‘may even death NOT do us apart’” so how could I ask Allah-SWT for anything less?
Over here my Allah-SWT has promised me that HE-SWT will Grant me anything at all if I ask with good will, sincerity, earnestness and passionately. And I know that Allah-SWT is the ONLY ONE Who has the Power to actually do so. When I know for sure that I will in-sha-Allah get what I want (there are no two ways about it)! So I ask Allah-SWT for Himself...
I pray “O’ Allah-SWT I want YOU-SWT (in Your complete and absolute entirety)! I want YOU O’ Allah-SWT with Your-SWT absolute Affections, Mercy, Love, Generosity, Pride, Greatness, Happiness, and all the Goodness that is You-SWT, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever till eternity, that may death never do US apart and may I be amongst those of Your-SWT beloveds (Muqariboon) whom You-SWT are ever so Proud of and who are a source of Pride and Joy for Your-SWT Prophet-SAAW. Keep me amongst those whom You-SWT are forever happy with, and they are forever happy with You-SWT. Whom You-SWT are Pleased to meet and see always and they are allowed to happily behold You-SWT forever. May I never be without Your-SWT affections and attention for even a fleeting moment!” Ameen!
Believe me, Allah-SWT is more real than anyone of us! And HIS-SWT Affections and Attention are way more intense than anyone of us can ever perceive. But we do have the ability to feel them (as long as our Qalb/heart is purified to atleast some extent), just like we can feel the affections and love of our mother or any person who truly loves us even if a gazillion miles separate us. (May Allah-SWT allow us to purify our hearts with the remembrance of HIS-SWT Name and allow us to feel HIS-SWT Love. Ameen!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010



Zikr-Allaah and meditation is all about helping you achieve; breaking free from the box and re-iterating your belief in Allaah-SWT therefore bringing out seemingly superhuman abilities.

There is a saying of Hadhrat Ali-RAU that goes something like this:"man can achieve anything he wants, as long as he believes Allaah-SWT can do it for him!" and that my dear is the crux of Islam and the sum up of the purpose, direction and achievement of this worldly life. Allaah-SWT wants us to live to the max but without oppressing or hindering other people from doing so too! Live and let live, be merry and let others be merry too!

The stronger our belief in Allaah-SWT the more we voluntarily submit to HIM-SWT the more FRE we become! Our belief in Allaah-SWT is the only path to true Freedom. Since Allaah-SWT is all Powerful, all Aware, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Controller and Creator of everything, and always does what is best and can manifest betterment in anything for us. Then we can achieve absolutely any heights we desire by simply believing in Allaah-SWT in His-SWT absolute entirety (with all HIS-SWT aspects as mentioned to us by the Prophet-SW) being obedient to HIM-SWT and asking HIM-SWT (making dua). We can actually fly without wings, as done many a times by different Aulia to reveal the Miracles of believing in Allaah-SWT.

So those people who claim to love Allaah-SWT but insist that they are unable to submit to His-SWT Will and become obedient to Him-SWT and His-SWT Prophet-SAW – Claiming to be devout believers but un-practicing Muslims...

Sorry to burst their bubble, but their claim is false!

People do not improve or change because they do not WANT to improve or change.

But people who believe in something cannot help but practice what they believe.

Knowing and believing are two completely separate things. And a Muslim is one who BELIEVES in Allaah-SWT and HIS-SWT Prophet-SW, not simply one who knows of them. Therefore “Non-practicing Muslim” is an oxymoron. One can be “a SOMEWHAT practicing Muslim”, making an effort to follow, as best as he can, at least the basic fundamentals for a Muslim (Salaat, Fasting, Zakaat, Sadqah, Hajj are the basic rituals that set a Muslim apart from a Non-Believer). And this would be so because of a bare minimum level of belief in Allaah-SWT and His-SWT Prophet-SW.

If one truly believed that Prophet Muhammad-SAW was an embodiment of Truth and never spoke anything but the truth, then that belief would atleast encourage one to know all that he-SW has shared with us, since Allaah-SWT has placed this inherent need in everyone to want to seek the TRUTH!
This need would bring us first and foremost to the first part of our Kalimah “la illaha ilAllaah” (There is no God but Allaah). Knowing this is THE TRUTH, we would instantly BELIEVE! (like the companions-RAU did).

After which we would like to know Who is this Allaah-SWT? and we are told that HE-SWT is the One and Only Creator and Lord of the Universe and all that has ever been created. HE-SWT is, was and will always be, even when there’s nothing! We are informed of 98 other attributes and are told that there are infinite more which we will discover after we die. And knowing this is THE TRUTH, we would instantly BELIEVE! (like the companions-RAU did).

After being informed of the Truth’s above we are lead to the Quran, which our very truthful Prophet-SW has informed us to be the Word of Allaah-SWT. And we are placed in direct communication with our Lord-SWT being informed by HIM-SWT about HIS-SWT likes and dislikes and what HE-SWT wants and expects of us. Knowing this too is THE TRUTH, we would instantly BELIEVE! (like the companions-RAU did).

And this BELIEF would instinctively make us submit, conform and abide out of IMMENSE LOVE for Allaah-SWT (for having Created us and Loving us and showing us Immense Mercy and allowing us to discover and feel the pleasures of life which would have been unknown to us otherwise) and INTENSE LOVE for the Prophet-SW (without whom-SW we would have never known Allaah-SWT and who-SW suffered endlessly to keep the TRUTH alive for us and all generations to come till the end of time).

Just like when we go to a very well recommended doctor, he listens to us with concern and diagnoses our disease with confidence. Reiterating our belief in his diagnose by highlighting symptoms we must be feeling which we failed to recognize or associate with this disease or problem. Then when he tells us we have to undergo minor surgery, but it must be done soon. He schedules the surgery for the next day and tells us to stop eating 8 hours before the procedure and stop drinking any liquids 5 hours before the procedure. We believe the doctor so we agree with the procedure and we believe that the procedure has to take place at the scheduled time so we abide by the instructions of the doctor and stop eating and drinking at the required times. This is the difference between knowing and believing. When one believes, they take the respective action. There are only two states a person can be in either “you believe” or “your are in doubt / you don’t believe”.

“I believe, but ...” is an oxymoron!

Belief, Love and Actions go hand in hand, otherwise it would be nothing but hypocrisy.

People who truly know Allaah-SWT cannot help but believe in HIM-SWT and instinctively fall in love with Allaah-SWT for HE-SWT is truly the only ONE worthy of our love. And when you love Allaah-SWT you cannot help but automatically change whether or not you consciously thought of doing so, for just our simply believing in Allaah-SWT pulls us out of the box and we are no longer inhibited or hindered by our previous actions, beliefs or limitations in our mind. The second we choose to BELIEVE in Allaah-SWT we seek forgiveness for all our past mistakes, we instantly make amends, we truly BELIEVE we are forgiven and we start from a blank new page to discover life and the pleasures thereof as permitted by Allaah-SWT.

This is not a judgment call, it’s a wakeup call!

We live with the choices we make, not only in this life, but also in the hereafter.

May Allaah-SWT allow us to make choices that bring us closer to HIM-SWT and earn us HIS-SWT Love, bringing us true happiness and success in both the worlds. Aameen!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Article by: AMEER MUHAMMAD AKRAM AWAN (during 2005-2009)
The Muslim Ummah has been without a ‘Caliph’ ever since the downfall of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Even though it was only in name, but at least some form of Caliphate existed during the Turkish Ottoman Empire, whereas now all we have is presidents and kings. While it is necessary for the Muslims to have an Ameer or Caliph, from whom all other Muslim rulers take guidance and support. This process continued till the end of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. To break up this centralization the West put in tremendous efforts. After the last Turkish Sultan the Muslim Nation had been deprived of this great blessing. Although there was a Caliphate movement from the subcontinent and other Muslim countries also made attempts, but their attempts were futile and in turn the ‘Caliphate’ System ended.
After a long interval the situation changed drastically and in Afghanistan, there was a revolt against the government of King Zahir Shah. Then after various other changes, there was finally the Russian attack, which was the beginning of the Jihad. It must be remembered that with the Afghan nation, Muslims from all over the world participated in this Jihad. These educated and aware youth, who were brought up in comfort and luxury fought in the harsh mountainous terrain of Afghanistan and embraced ‘Martyrdom’. As a result, the history of the world changed. The Russia, of which it was known that once it penetrates the boundaries, there is no turning Russia back. This invincible Russia came crumbling down with such intensity, that all the central Asian States that it had kept under control for the last seventy-five years, cropped up as independent states and started a fresh. Although this was only achieved after enormous bloodshed and the sacrifice of countless lives and much honor, but the price of freedom is always blood, it is never attained on a silver platter.
Now Afghanistan entered its second phase. The forces that fought against Russia, mainly comprised of seven major groups, headed by their own commanders and leaders. Probably four were fighting for the cause of Islam, while the other three fought for the Afghan cause. After the withdrawal of Russia, the problem of the formation of the Government arose, these groups decided upon a coalition and democracy after long drawn discussions. But the strange part was that all these Mujahidin had fought only for the implementation of Islam. Therefore this brought about the third phase. The majority of the Mujahids consisted of the students (tulbah) from Madrasas, who started a new movement. Here it is worth mentioning that only five people founded this movement. One of whom was nominated the Ameer and is the present Ameer-ul-Momineen Mullah Omar (Salamaho-Taala). These students launched a movement, which turned into Jihad against their teachers and commanders, who were defeated one after the other. And ninety percent of the land came under the fold of Islam and thus Mullah Omar’s status changed from an Ameer to Ameer-ul-Momineen.
The Muslim Nation was finally blessed with a form of Caliphate, which it had been deprived of for quite sometime, even though presently it is contained within the parameters of Afghanistan. Now the circumstances have taken a toll again, and a major catastrophe took place in America, which can definitely be called one of the grave disasters of history. Due to which America being enraged, plans to attack Afghanistan either to destroy or at least change the present Islamic form of Governance to a form of Administration of their choice. This is only one aspect, but there is also another side to this issue. Which is that it is possible that the American attack may trigger the realization of the need of the revival of Caliphate amongst the Muslims. And if Ameer-ul-Momineen Mullah Omar decides to nominate his representatives in different Muslim countries, on the hands of whom people begin to pledge allegiance, then will the Governments be able to stop this uprising? If this mission is initiated from the tribal areas and enters Pakistan from there, then what will be done? Or what if a similar situation arises in the Central Asian countries or the Muslim Countries of the Far East? It is possible that America’s hasty decision might bring about the formation of a USI (United State of Islam). Perhaps this will not be appreciated by America, but America and other Western Governments will not be able to prevent it. Since in various Islamic States, such Muslims are present who have not seen the Ameer-ul-Momineen, but have pledged their allegiance to him.
In my opinion, the Government of Pakistan needs to impart the above information to America.


written by Ra'ana Khan

Up until today I had heard “Do unto others what you would want them to do to you!” This quote had appealed to me much, but as I went through life, I realised there was something not quite right with it!
It was a simple enough rule to apply to ones life, and should have been enough to keep one humbly satisfied. But no matter how hard one tried to follow the rule, some amount of discontentment kept sucking at ones internal peace. And strangely enough instead of becoming increasingly humble, deep down inside I felt a kind of arrogance brewing. I know, this absurdity makes no sense, but I explored my inner-self enough to finally manage to hunt down why this was so. The reason for this strange discontentment and even stranger arrogance is far simpler than the implementation of the rule itself.
Lets go over the rule itself, since the resulting attitude is a direct consequence. “Do unto others what you would want them to do to you!” Basically what’s being asked of you is to be good to others, because you want them to be good to you. So when you begin to implement this rule to yourselves what you are doing is trying your best to change for the better, because you would want others to change for the better too. So you’re being good because you are hoping for others to be good to you. The harder you are trying to put aside all your negative instincts like revenge, anger, irritation, etc and the harder you are trying to cut people slack, the more that ‘hope’ of returned goodwill is turning into expectation. And here is where the crux of the problem lies. We do good to others, and then we expect them to do good to us. So our focus and expectation of reward is stuck on other helpless imperfect mortals who may or may not be following the same rule. It is here where the seed of arrogance starts to bury itself into our souls. When we are not reciprocated with goodness, we try to over come our irritation or negative feelings towards the person by rising above. And in doing so we actually ‘rise above,’ we rise above them! In our minds we begin to slowly place our self, little by little above person by person, on a mini pedestal, which is perhaps not so mini by the end of it.
As we ‘rise above’ the persons around us, in our minds, the irritation begins to wither away leaving behind this feeling we wrongly perceive as contentment. This contentment is in fact just an illusion, it’s called gloating in the glorified image that we have created of ourselves in our minds. And each time that we are good to someone, yet again we have given ourselves reason to be proud. We speak to people nicely, people who may be of a lesser educational or financial background, and we feel we have been ‘good’ in doing so. We believe we are humble and down to earth because we have been kind to those, who in our minds are below us. Thus we ‘rise above’ and the seed of arrogance grows to a plant, to a tree.
What an entirely bizarre situation to be in. You set out to better yourself, and end up being perhaps far worse and far shallower than you were to begin with. I could not understand what exactly the flaw was in the law, until I heard the following; “Do unto others, what you would want Allah-SWT to do to you!” And this changed my world, understanding, perception and capacity to love and forgive.
“Do unto others, what you would want Allah-SWT to do to you!” … If I were to make a list of what I would want Allah-SWT to do to me, I thought that list would be endless. But I was quite wrong. It is perhaps so short that I cannot even call it a list!
I want Allah-SWT to love me unconditionally and forgive me without accountability, as if I never sinned!
And thus my life is simplified and I am at utmost peace. I continue to love everyone unconditionally (as best as I can) & pray for them. But forgive them I cannot, because for forgiveness comes only after the acknowledgment of they’re wrong doing, and I refuse to acknowledge that, because I don’t want my wrong doings acknowledged by Allah-SWT either!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A faint picture of the coming era

Original article by Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan dated March 2010

I clearly remember when the ‘Taliban’ government was established in Afghanistan and Pakistan also recognized it. That was the first time, the Afghan nation was disarmed. And an exemplary state of peace was achieved without arms. This happened after great turmoil. And this happened miraculously. All sort of crimes ended, although the Taliban were busy in Jihad and internal war. Most of Afghanistan was under their governance and Mullah Umar was their leader. Over here it is imperative to recognize that some people in Pakistan have either named themselves Taliban, or this name has been delegated to them. The majority of these people are criminals who, on the behest of foreign agencies, for their lust of riches are murdering innocents and carrying out bomb blasts and no one is safe from their harm. Neither am I talking about them nor do I think that they are on the right, in fact according to our Interior Minister, they are not Taliban in the least.

I am talking of the Taliban, who are True Muslims in their nature and essence, who speak and follow the Truth. These are they who were and still are Mujahids, and continue to fight against the foreign powers. It is them who established a rule over Afghanistan and then gave it the face of Khilafat-e-Islami, and accepted Mullah Umar as the Khalifa. And thus the land of Afghanistan witnessed commendable peace. The objection of our intellectuals, that institutions could not be formed, carries weight. Although, while criticizing, they tend to forget, that the Taliban were a product of Jihad and were still engaged in it, yet irrespective of that they managed to provide exemplary justice. As a result of which ideal peace was established. The Governor and the members of the government were living normal lives alongside the ordinary citizen, and were available to the public at all times. There was peace in the entire country except, the Punjsher Valley, where they were fighting against Ahmad Shah Masud, when the unpleasant incident took place in America, which is well-known as nine eleven. This proved to be such a massive occurrence that, it altered the course of history.

On the face of it, it was just an explosion, two aircrafts slammed into buildings, which were destroyed. But the after effects of this continue to be felt years later, even today the world is resonating with the impact of the incident. It is said that more or less around five thousand people were killed, but in the aftermath of this event, the world was engulfed by the repercussion, due to which millions of people of various Countries, have been ruthlessly annihilated. This not only includes Afghanistan, but Pakistan too has been colossally damaged and continues to suffer. May Allah protect us. Ameen!

Anyway a situation was created, Al-Qaeda and Usama Bin Laden were implicated, it is beside the point whether this was correct or not, but as a result of which America asked the Afghan government to handover Usama Bin Laden, who at the time was residing in Afghanistan. The Afghan government was of the viewpoint that they should be provided concrete evidence for they will not handover Usama Bin Laden on mere implication. At this America, arrogant over its triumph, was enraged that how dare Afghanistan make such a demand, Afghanistan should have submitted to their will without any ifs and buts.

All this was but on the face of things, evident to the entire world. But contrary to this, the reality was something else. In my opinion it was that America had assessed in the few years, that if this government were allowed to continue, then the world would have recognized it and Americans as a nation might also have accepted it and would have thus begun to convert to Islam, making Islam prevail and their self created culture would be buried. I heard these words being spoken by the then American President Bush “They were going to finish our culture from all over the Globe!” And this is an aspect that our intellectuals have not been able to recognize even today, but America had realized this then.

The situation kept getting tense; America’s insistence increased and it also began to amass the world powers, whereas, Afghanistan continued to stand firm on its principle viewpoint, and thus the situation kept getting worse till such a point that America attacked Afghanistan. Even at the time, I was of the opinion that Al-Qaeda was a fictitious organization (unheard of before 9/11) created by America to spread a scare. The tragedy of 9/11 was the planned outcome of the American government and the Jews, in order to pave the way for an attack on Afghanistan. Now books have published on this topic and the Iraq war, even in America itself, out of which a few have reached me. Anyway America in collaboration with forces of 38 countries attacked Afghanistan. And this was not a small matter, if anyone takes time out to delve, they will realize what a calamity this was. This was such a colossal explosion, the waves of which have engulfed the entire world, and continue to do so and even after a decade or more, there is no relief from its negative effects.

American air force was massively bombarding Afghanistan, when a team from the American media, came to me inquiring about the incident of 9/11. I expressed the same viewpoint that I hold today, and I remember that the American interviewer blushed to his ears, enraged. I inquired if he were a Jew to which he responded in the negative saying “but I am an American!” So I fed him some sweetmeat to instill some calm in him and gave him the rest to feed to the others for the same purpose. One of his questions was that “soon the Afghan government will fall and American forces will take over, what then?” So I replied, “That is when the war will begin! Today America is hailing fire from the skies, but to capture it will have to fight on ground. And only when you land, will the war begin.”

Irrespective of all this I wished that Mullah Umar had wisely taken a more diplomatic stance, saving this newly established poor Islamic state from clashing with the disbelievers. But hats off to the strength of his faith, who insisted that “I’ll live upholding the Truth or else I may be martyred, either way I’ll be blessed with the Mercy of Allah-SWT”. Anyway, war took place, the Afghan government fell, and America and its allies took over, and the web of fire was spun all over the Country. Those who had suffered tyranny and cruelty for over a decade (before Talibanization), their lives, wealth and honour were yet again in the claws of tyrant America and its allies.

Mullah Umar who, even during his stay in the Presidential house continued like a humble villager and for his breakfast he’d be sitting on a mat having only tea and rusk, was commuting from village to village on a motor bike. Our ex-President Pervez Musharaf used to mock him saying that Mullah Umar ran away on a motor bike. But Mullah Umar and his motorbike are still trekking in those villages, while President Musharaf has himself fled. In this entire episode, the point to ponder is, the strength of faith and confidence Mullah Umar has on Allah-SWT, that “even if America attacks us, my Allah is with me! I am striving in conformity to HIS Prophet-SAW, and Allah-SWT Willing America will face defeat. ” This statement was beyond everyones comprehension at the time, and rather seemed like the words of a madman. But today, years later, not only America but its 38 allies too are facing this defeat. And that man of Allah is coming out victorious. All this is a marvel, a miracle of the blessings of Muhammad-SAW, there is no other explanation.

I have only lightly touched this topic inorder to expatiate the enormity of this carnage. The attack of America and its allies on the newly established Afghan government, this incident has altered the course of history and its effects have been felt by the entire world. I am not getting into the debate of who suffered what, but its evident to all that due to this, major changes took place and the world is continuing to jolt. Now just visualize that America and its allies are packing up to evacuate, one day they have to leave and not because they have completed their mission, but infact they have been defeated. And that humble villager commuting on his motor bike is about to stand victorious. Which by the Grace of Allah-SWT has already been achieved, only the materialization of which is to take place.

With this background a picture is developing, that Americas attack will be trivial to the bang of America’s defeat, and that too achieved at the hands of a resourceless humble villager. Just wonder what the repercussions and how far reaching they would be. In my opinion the entire sub-continent; Pakistan and Hindustan, and central Asian states will be in the direct influence of it. And a massive revolution will take place, which will bring with it Truth, justice, peace and honesty. The blood of innocents and martyrs will finally show its colours. Once again Islam, peace and wellbeing will be revived, which will by the Will of Allah-SWT effect the human society of the entire world.

Every wise-man can see a faint picture of this according to his own capacity. A massive event is about to take place which will happen by the Grace of Allah-SWT, and perhaps my pen is incapable of painting its true picture. But one thing is absolutely clear that this is going to be the end of all kind of tyranny and finally honesty and justice will come victorious and Truth shall prevail. In my opinion the world is standing at the edge of an enormous positive change. Just think, ponder and visualise, what picture do you perceive?

A Promise is a Promise, but ...

“Please help me keep my promise”

Someone once said to me “never give up on me” – and I promised I won’t. The same person also told me that when one goes to heaven they are allowed to take 7 persons along with them. Being, more sure than I am of my ending up in heaven, the person said “please take me with you”. I don’t know what I said being shocked at the assumption that I would be going to heaven at all. But in my heart I promised that if by the Grace, Will and absolute Mercy of Allah-SWT I did end up there, I would for sure add the person to the top of my list of 7... If only it were that simple though!

As life and learning move along, apparently this is true, that if someone has graciously managed to earn the access to heaven through Allah-SWT immense Mercy, they will be allowed to take some fortunate ones along with them. It made me think. I have never done anything good ever, with the intention of earning an entry to heaven. Somehow that has never crossed my mind. Infact I don’t even know most of the details of heaven or hell. I have a strangely limited memory bank and somehow it never really retains details of these topics. I just want Allah-SWT’s Love and I want HIM-SWT to be happy with me.

Heaven – is just something you get to live in when Allah-SWT is happy with you so that you can be near HIM-SWT ... the point is not to live in Heaven though, the point is to be near HIM-SWT. HE-SWT likes to keep those near HIM-SWT in the afterlife, the ones who wanted to be near HIM-SWT in this life too. It’s pretty uncomplicated you know.

So when I’m asked to take someone to heaven, with the assumption that I am going there to begin with. What I hear is: “could you please take me closer to Allah-SWT” ... and what I see is: ‘a heart craving Allah-SWT’s love’ ... and what I can do is: ‘show them the only way I know how’.

And the only way I know how is through zikr-Allah done under the guidance and attention of my Spiritual Teacher and Guide, Hadhrat Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan (if I could, I would add endless adjectives to show my respect and love for him I would, for if it wasn’t for him and his guidance I was oblivious of Allah-SWT’s Love and out to condemn myself to hell in this life and the hereafter).

I have come to realise that I have this inherent need to help others and an even deeper one to keep promises. Every time I think of this promise I feel helpless and I feel my hands tied, because there is a little loop-hole and a little prerequisite required for the fulfilment of this promise on both sides.

My side- I need to try my utmost to seek Allah-SWT’s Mercy and Grace for His-SWT Love and Approval. I need to put in my best to correct myself and attempt to become the kind of person my Allah-SWT would like me to be. To seek HIS-SWT Forgiveness and try my level best to never return to those acts of defiance again. I know I’ll never be perfect, never even be close to perfection. But at least my Allah-SWT will know that I tried ... and that I tried so hard. Then it doesn’t matter how badly I failed, I know my Allah-SWT will continue to love me anyway, and allow me to pass irrespectively. This is my end of the deal, to Allah-SWT, to me and to my friend (whom I made the promise).

Friend’s side – need to make at least an ounce of an effort to keep alive at least a remote spark of light in his/her spiritual heart, because that is the bare minimum prerequisite for a person to be allowed into heaven. And since the purification of the heart is an ongoing continuous process, just like cleansing one’s body, zikr-Allah is the easiest way, I know how, to maintain it. Just like one cannot take a bath once a month and assume that the body is cleansed for the month, or brush their teeth once and think that’s enough for the 24 hours, zikr-Allah too has to be done at least twice a day to achieve a bare minimum state of purification of the spiritual heart.

So all I’m trying to say here is: “Please help me keep my promise”

I’m trying my level best to keep my promise, but you have to help me a little by keeping your end of the deal!

Basic method of Meditation for calling out to Allah-SWT (zikr-Allah) (to be done for atleast 5-10 min twice a day, the longer you do this the better it is for you, in the morning and evening):

1. Sit in a comfortable relaxed position.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Concentrate on your breathing.

4. Inhale deeply and exhale with deliberate force.

5. When you inhale recite the word ‘Allah’ in your heart.

6. Visualize the word ‘Allah’, descending on you in the form of light and penetrating into your soul, going straight into your heart (Qalb).

7. When you exhale, recite the word ‘Hoo’ in your heart.

8. Visualize the light that seeped into your heart now coming out of your heart and flowing out with your breath, only to come back and strike at your heart again.

9. Continue this exercise until you feel that you want to stop.

10. Now you may stop the deliberate breathing, and come back to your natural pace.

11. Continue the exercise for a few minutes in shallow, passive normal breathing.

Sunday, August 29, 2010



4.135 O You who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest You swerve, and if You distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that You do.

Everybody in the world is yearning for peace. Even military bodies are established for the establishment of this peace – But according to Islam – which in itself meaning “peace” – says – peace cannot be established unless Justice is established:

5.8 O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.

Next to righteousness, Good Conduct, Character and Morality all these good characteristics must be linked with Justice – Otherwise these characteristics have no meaning. It constitutes hypocrisy.

So my Subject to day is Justice in Islam.

Although there have been many incidents that happened during the time of Rasoolullah (S) in this regard, let me relate to you an incident which happened long after the demise of our Holy Prophet (S) to prove how much of his teachings, his character and his life had influenced and ingrained into the community of the first generation of Muslims. This was the period of the 2nd Caliph of Islam – Hazrath Omar Khathab (R).

One day Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) after the mid-day prayer was giving a sermon in the mosque, a Jewish Lady walks in with a baby in her arms. and she said:

“O Amirul Mu’mineen, Commander of the Faithful, I have come to you seeking Justice.

Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) replied: Dear lady, that is what we dispense here – please tell me what your problem is.”

She said: “Over a year ago – while walking along the road at night, I was accosted by a young man, who was in a state of drunkenness – I was helpless – he harmed and committed an offence on me to outrage my modesty – and today I am here with a baby in my arms. I had undergone untold sufferings during this past year – and at last managed to trace the offender – He was none other than your son “Abu Sahmah”.

Everybody was stunned – there was pin drop silence in the congregation. Then

Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) asked: “Are you certain that it was my son Abu Sahmah who was drunk and who committed the offence on you?”

The Jewish Lady said: “I am very certain O Ameerul Mu’mineen- I had verified it, confirmed it and made quite certain before I came here to present my case.”

Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) tells the congregation “ None of you should leave this place, until I return.”

The congregation was dumbfounded. The Son of the mightiest Caliph of the Muslim empire is being accused of drunkenness and rape.

Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) goes home and finds his son having his meals – he says : “Son, this may be your last meal – quickly finish it and come with me to go to the mosque.”

Abu Sahmah was stunned – he could not eat and neither could he swallow what was in his mouth. The father then asks – “Abu Sahmah, about a year ago were you in a drunken state?” – No answer.

“Whilst in this state did you commit an offence on a Jewish lady to outrage her modesty?” – No Answer.

Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) New that his son was guilty of the offense. He grabs him by the hand and drags him to the mosque.

Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) now asks the Jewish Lady in the presence of the congregation: “Is this the Abu Sahmah you were referring to?”

The Jewish Lady said: “Yes, O Amirul Mu’mineen, this is the very sameAbu Sahma who commited the offense on me to outrage my modesty.”

Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) said without hesitation : Under Islamic Law, I declare that he be given 80 Lashes for drunkenness and 100 Lashes for harming a woman. And both punishments should be given now.”

Look at the laws around us and around the world – Whatever the offense you may commit under the influence of liquor you can go scot free – because they say, that you were intoxicated and you did not know what you were doing.

Islam takes a completely different stand : When you were in the process of consuming the liquor you were conscious.

The Proximate Cause in legal parlance using Latin terminology – it is – Causa Causans – The causes of all causes, The proximate that sets in motion a train of events – in this case it is the intoxicant – The first punishment is for taking the prohibited intoxicant – 80 Lashes.

Thereafter, you are punished severely for every crime you may commit under the influence of liquor – This is Justice in Islam.

Now, When the order was given for the implementation of both the punishments – Immediately the congregation protested. They said: “He is a young boy, He cannot bear both the punishments – Just break up the punishments – and give it to him in instalments.”

Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) : said: “No, Both the punishments will go together.”

His son was taken to the courtyard – and his arms were raised and tied onto two poles. He gives the whip to the executioner and says – “I want you to give him the hardest whipping ever given to any human being – or else I will take the whip away from you.”

The crowd was stunned, speechless.

The whipping now began – one by one – the hardest whipping ever – The skin on the back split open – blood started spurting everywhere – whip after whip – pieces of flesh started flying everywhere.

People sat there and stared dumb-founded.

On the 179th Lash The boy was about to collapse - Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) stopped the lashing – went upto his son and said:

“I do not think that you will survive this punishment – but when you pass away and when you meet my prophet (S) tell him that your father Omar had established the law of the Quran on earth. Tell him that he had established the Sunnah of the Prophet on Earth,”

As he said it, the boy collapsed and breathed his last.

Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’oon.

The body was brought down from the scaffold - Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) went and sat on the ground lifted his son’s head with both hands and placed it on his lap. Then tears started streaming down the face of Hazrath Omar Khathab (R).

The People said: “O Omar, we told you not to give both the punishments together, we told you he will not survive the punishment, You did not listen to us – now why are you crying?”

Hazrath Omar Khathab (R) said: O people, you have misunderstood these tears of mind. These tears are streaming down for Four Reasons:

1. These are Tears of Happiness – that I have established the laws of Allah – because of the fear of Allah.

2. These are Tears of Happiness -= that I have established the Great Sunnah – The tradition of the Holy Prophet (S).

3. These are Tears of Happiness because I have saved my son from Eternal Hell Fire.

4. and lastly, He is my son, I will never see him again and hence this tear.

People were thunderstruck – There was pin drop silence.

The body of Abu Sahmah was taken, washed, shrouded and taken for burial.

After the burial – remember there was One Lash remaining – you do not lash a body after death – So Umar (R) ordered that the last lash be given on the grave.

If the rulers can establish this Justice – We guarantee you that definitely there will be peace. Even if people are starving they will not rebel – because they know, that you too are starving.

Just reflect on what is happening around us – What is happening around the world – think, reflect, ponder, meditate and try to understand.

The Verse from the Holy Quran that I read out to you at the beginning:

“O You who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest You swerve, and if You distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that You do.”

May Allah in His Mercy guide us all along the right path, the path of those on whom he has bestowed his favours and not on the path of those who gave incurred his wrath or gone astray. Ameen

وآخِرُ دَعْوَانَا اَن ِالْحَمْدُ لِلهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِيْن

السّلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

“Corruption doth appear on land, sea because of (the evil) which men’s hands have done” surah 30:41

Translated article of Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan

In the name of Allah-SWT the Beneficent the Merciful

“Corruption doth appear on land, sea because of (the evil) which men’s hands have done”

surah 30:41

Almighty Allah-SWT says that it is because of the misdeeds of the human beings that disruption and turmoil emerge on land and sea.

Unfortunately our misdeeds have exceeded beyond an extent whereby one after the other the Muslim states are being subjected to oppression. And countless innocent children, women and elderly are being killed ruthlessly. The greatest stimulant and brain behind this entire drama is that of the Jews but what is surprising is that why the Christians world has never bothered to contemplate what the Jews have done to them? All Divine Books have prohibited the consumption of pork and alcoholic liquor. Christianity was a divine religion and Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus) was Allah-SWT’s Messenger; Judaism in its era was also a divine religion and Prophet Musa-AS (Moses) was Allah-SWT’s Messenger. But with the passage of time facts became obscured under a thick layer of fiction. The original text was not preserved and The Books became interpolated. However, in spite of all this if only the Christian world would care to reflect over the situation they can clearly see that the Jews do not eat pork even today. Strangely enough they have made the entire Christian Community be it in Europe, America or Canada eat pork but they abstain from it. They have made the Christian habitual liquor consumers, while they (the Jews) sell alcoholic beverages but do not drink themselves. And it is strange that a majority amongst Jews even today, wear beards whereas they have distorted the faces of the Christians. Even more strange is the fact that the Jewish women cover themselves up in a cloak to observe ‘purdah’. While the Jews have made the Christian women fall to such a level of disgrace and humiliation which can only be ascribed to a creation which lives in jungles and is totally ignorant of civil norms. Nations have existed in time, which were savage, living in jungles, oblivious of clothing and moral values. They had no concept of the sanctity of relationships of any kind, paternal, maternal or fraternal etc. The Jews have turned the Christian world into a similar state of affairs; not only in America, but all over the world the Christians have been pushed into the dungeons of immorality by the Jews.

A number of sayings of the Orientalises can be found in various books, and these have also been compiled by people. Yesterday I read some ten to twelve of the most celebrated Orientalist Scholars, and what a coincidence they were all Jews! These Scholars write, though with a slight variation of words, but the overall meaning is essentially the same; that dictatorship should be established over the Muslim States and the Muslims must be kept distant to freedom of opinion, expression and religious education. Furthermore they write even a dictator, if left power for a prolonged period, can also rebel against them. For he, being a Muslim, can have a change of heart and become inclined towards Islam. So there should be an interlude between two dictators and a democratic government be given to the people in between. Moreover only such dictators be chosen who are loyal to the west otherwise the outcome would be unfavourable. And what will be this outcome. They say if any of the Muslim States get a leadership that may revert back to the teachings of Islam and to the Islamic economic system of Islam, then the west will be unable to impede the growth of Islam. And once again Islam will prevail all over the globe. This was the research done by the Jewish Scholars, the Orientalises who study the eastern Culture.

If we take a look at history we see that since the era of Caliph Hadhrat Usman-RAU to this date wherever the Muslims are being oppressed, wherever they are mutual schism, or being invaded by outsiders. A closer look will reveal a Jewish hand behind the scene. However from that day till now they have never confronted the Muslims openly or directly. This is because they had decided on a covert strategy long ego. It is so strange that the first expedition of Islam i.e. the Battle of Badr fought in the Holy Prophet-SAW’s era, which proved to be the first building block of revolution that introduced the entire mankind with human civility and gave them a lesson to fight against oppression. However, even then it was the Jews who had suggested to the Makkans to collect funds from the entire city and invest it on a trade caravan. And from the profits yielded by the trade a war be waged against Islam. It was this caravan which the Holy Prophet-SAW had intended to impede, for which he-SAW set forth from Madinah. Glory be to Allah-SWT! Instead of the impeding the caravan, the battle of Badr took place between the Muslims and the Makkans, who upon hearing the Prophet-SAW’s plans had hurried to rescue the caravan.

Thus the battle inflicted such a humiliating defeat upon the infidels of Makkah which will remain unmatched until the day of Judgement. As a result the Islamic Government which ruled over Madinah was introduced for the first time to the world as a Power.

Again, when battle of Uhad took place it was the Jews who had sent envoys to all the Arab tribes to caution them that they would all be killed one by one lest they untied and jointly attacked Madinah. Again the invaders met with a defeat, and over a period of ten years in Madinah the Holy Prophet-SAW had to fight 84 battles altogether (including Ghazva’s and Sarya).

It is interesting that the Holy Prophet-SAW had a dream, in which he-SAW saw himself and others circumambulating the Kaaba and performing Umrah. He-SAW narrated his-SAW dream to his-SAW Companions-RAU. Dreams of Prophets-AS are in reality Divine Revelations (Wahi). Thus the Companions-RAU agreed that this was a Divine instruction, a wahi and that they would all accompany him-SAW for Ummrah.

The Makkans intercepted them at Hudaibiya. I do not wish to go into the details of that incident, but what I do wish to say is peculiar Diplomatic talks continued for a few days, finally at some stage an agreement was reached known as the treaty of Hudaibiya. However the believers felt that the terms of the treaty had made them appear weak. Companions-RAU like Hadhrat Omer-RAU asked the Holy Prophet-SAW that was he not Allah-SWT’s Messenger? The Holy Prophet-SAW replied that he-SAW surely was. Then Hadhrat Omar-RAU asked, was his-SAW dream not a Divine Revelation, the Holy Prophet-SAW said it was. Then why should the believers return back without performing Umrah and sign this treaty he asked? The answer to this question was revealed from the heavens, to the Holy Prophet-SAW that Allah-SWT had promised the believers a clear victory, but prior to this victory i.e. the conquest of Makkah, awaits them another victory. So when the Holy Prophet-SAW returned to Madinah from Hudaibiya he was commanded through Divine Revelation to instantly proceed to Khyber, for that victory. Khyber was a strong hold of the Jews and as they were the root cause of all conspiracies they had to be dealt with.

Hence the Holy Prophet-SAW made a proclamation asking the companions-RAU who had been present at Hudaibiya to get ready. He asked the companions whom Allah-SWT had returned from Hudaibiya to accompany him to accomplish an assignment while the victory of Makkah awaited them as promised, in the future. This world is a place of causes and effects and Allah-SWT Himself is the creator of the Causes and He-SWT being All-Knowing knew that even if Makkah was taken by the believers while the stronghold of the Jews still existed at Khyber the Jews would not let the believers live in peace. Hence it was imperative to first blow down the central stronghold of the Jews.

Hence the Prophet-SAW proceeded to Khyber with only the Companions-RAU who had been with him-SAW at Hudaibiya (including only two Companions-RAU, other than those present at Hudaibiya). One of them Hadhrat Jaffer ibn Tayyar-RAU joined in at Khyber, while another was allowed to join in at Madinah. Apart from these no exceptions were made as it was commanded that only those Companions-RAU should accompany the Prophet-SAW who had been present at Hudaibiya. The Holy Prophet-SAW personally led the Muslim army and eradicated the Jews of Khyber. Ever since that day, if carefully analyzed we will discover that each and every war that had been imposed upon the Islamic world had been covertly engineered by the Jews. So much so that even the tragedies met by the Christians through time were plotted by the Jews.

It is interesting to note that when complaints were logged against Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus) with the king that he-AS was propagating his Prophet-hood and would raise an army of his own to topple the king. The king summoned Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus) to his court and he was put through a trial in the Court. Arguments were presented both in his favour and against him. Eventually the king declared Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus) innocent of the Charges levied against him. The king said that the Prophet-AS was not seeking any political interests, of seizing power but was only inviting the masses to revert from evil to piety and towards the Unity of God and urging them to reject the idea of Polytheism. This is a noble message and if people wish to listen to him or accept his teachings the king or Government has no objections over it. Thus when the king let the Prophet-AS go free it were the Jews who conspired again. They connived and convinced the king to sentence Prophet Issa-AS to death lest he would pose a constant threat to his power.

These are historical facts, so the Government decided to crucify Prophet Issa-AS about which the present day Christians believe that he was crucified and buried. However the next day he resurrected from his grave and ascended to the heavens, as he was god’s son (God forbid) he could not have been over powered by death. Therefore he has only gone through a temporary phase of death, they claim. Another strange belief held by them is that Prophet Issa-AS has atoned for all the sins that the Christians may commit forever, by his crucifixion and they will not be held accountable for any of their mistakes. Quran however has most profoundly declared that Prophet Issa-AS was neither killed nor crucified (neither was he the son of Allah-SWT), rather Allah-SWT raised him to the heavens. The Holy Prophet-SAW elaborated on this and said; that a time will come when Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus) will again descend from the heavens to this world and will propagate my-SAW message the Din of Islam. Moreover he will get married and upon death will be buried inside my-SAW tomb. On the day of Judgment Abu Bakr-RAU and Omar-RAU will rise in such a way that I will be on their one side and Issa-AS will be on the other; with Abu Bakr-RAU and Omar-RAU in the middle.

This account is supported by Shih Hadith and hitherto, inside the Prophet-SAW’s tomb Hadhrat Omar-RAU is resting by Hadhrat Abu Bakrs-RAU side and a space is reserved for a grave next to Hadhrat Omar-RAU for the future burial of Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus). Although after Hadhrat Omar-RAU passing away, a series of most celebrated Companions such as Hadhrat Uthman-RAU, Hadhrat Hassan-RAU, Hadhrat Hussain-RAU, Imam Zain ul Abidin-RAU passed away. Hadhrat Usman-RAU for instance enjoyed such exaltation that he was married to two of the Noble daughters of the Holy Prophet-SAW and was thus known as Dhul-Noorain. He therefore, being of such eminence and a member of the Prophets-SAW household rightfully deserved to have been buried in the Prophets-SAW tomb. Hadhrat Ali-RAU was raised by the Holy Prophet-SAW, was also his-SAW son-in-law, married to Hadhrat Fatimah Zahra-RAU the Holy Prophets-SAW beloved daughter. The Holy Prophet-SAW had granted him a chamber to live inside his mosque next to his-SAW own, which stands behind the grills, between the Prophets-SAW sacred tomb and Safa. This place was the residential chamber of Hadhrat Ali-RAU and Hadhrat Fatimah-RAU. However even Hadhrat Ayesha Siddiquah-RAU in whose chamber the Holy Prophet-SAW was buried, was herself not buried there. This is because the Holy Prophet-SAW had foretold that this space was destined to be Prophet Issa-AS’s (Jesus) grave.

The Jews however proved to be adverse enemies even to Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus).

When Bait-ul-Maqdass was taken by Christians it was the Jews who provoked the Christians to torture and kill Muslims, until Allah-SWT granted Sultan Salahuddin the courage to liberate Bait-ul-Maqdass. It is so strange to fight the Christians to Conquer Bait-ul-Maqdass. All these rulers were supplied with women by the Jews who were assigned to engage these Muslim rulers in conflicts with the Sultan. It is also an historical fact that the Jews kidnapped the female infants of the Muslims and would raise them as their own daughters. The girls remained ignorant of their lineage and it were these girls that the Jews would send on such assignments.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi-RAU, a noble and devout servant of Allah-SWT, was awarded victory by HIM-SWT on every battle that he fought. Upon each victory he would lead the funeral prayer for all his martyred soldiers, and supervised their burial. Having done so, he would then order his soldiers to bring forth al the dead bodies of those soldiers who had fought against him in the battle and to dig graves for them. At this his officers said that these were the Muslims who had come to hinder his march to Bait-ul-Maqdass, therefore were supporting the infidels. So why should the Sultan offer their funeral prayers? The Sultan replied that these were fools who had got killed out of naiveté whereas it was their rulers who had conspired. Their rulers had convinced them that the Sultan Salahuddin was a tyrant, a dictator and preventing him from advance was a great cause of Islamic Jehad. These simpletons thus got killed in deception. Hence the Sultan said that he would offer their funeral prayer and bury them. He got married to a Pakistani lady whereby he was not allowed to ascend to the throne in spite of being, the crown Prince. While the late kings son was made the king, whose marriage was again sponsored by America.

Take a look at Africa, all the Black Muslim rulers have western wives given to them by Jews. Every era has its own set of demands; from Halaku to Chengez Khan all the rulers were provided with beautiful girls by the Jews. These women in turn provoked these Mongols to attack Muslim States by placing bets this is how these women exploited the Mongols into destruction of the Muslims. But Allah-SWT being Omnipotent in turn blessed the Mongols with the light of faith and they stood up as the propagators of Islam. It is in this context that Allamah Iqbal had said how Kaaba had found guardians from the house of idols.

Now there is a new strategy as demanded by time, and it surprised me how it had been unfolded by a Muslim youth in a program on BBC. Answering a question: that while Muslims are being attacked in Iraq, earlier they had been attacked in Afghanistan; why are the fifty, or more than fifty Islamic States being so silent over it? Why are they not offering any resistance or opposition to it? This question was answered by a young Muslim boy, raised and educated in London. He gave a strange answer; he said that “the rulers of the Islamic States plunder their national wealth and deposit it in Swiss Bank Accounts. Those banks are controlled by Jews, and the rulers are afraid of speaking lest their assets be frozen.” Now this is an answer given by a young British-Muslim, not by me but I really liked it. Even to date the heirs of our former rulers are at daggers drawn over the Swiss Accounts, and have even resorted to killing one another.

It is strange that Marcos plundered his country and amassed a fortune in Swiss Banks but could not recover a dime from it. The Shah of Iran deposited huge amounts of plundered money but not a dime was returned to him. The sons of Indra Gandhi had stacked large sums of money in the Swiss Banks, but were not even returned a penny. So don’t these rulers even learn a lesson from their fate, and care to think that have the Swiss Banks ever returned anything to such depositors?

Switzerland is just a Façade while the real beneficiary is America and the American, who call themselves Christians, they must ponder what spiritual head of the entire Christian world Pope John Paul the 2nd, who is 82 years old, has said. I heard him deplore the invasion on Iraq most ardently. He declared it to be extremely unfair and brutal and by no standards conformed to justice.

If the US President had lost his mind at least the Christians should pay heed to what their spiritual leader has said. I say to the Christians that at least they should think as to what the Jews are doing to them!

If pork is prohibited in Judaism, it is even more vehemently forbidden in Christianity, but a Jew abstains from it even today whereas he has made the Christians devour it.

The Jewish women observe purdah, their men wear beards; they observe their religious rites whatever they may have concocted, but they exploit and use the Christians to serve their purpose. Now if the State of Israel has come into being, the Jews have had to make no contribution rather it was the Christians who made it happen. After the world war when the Middle East was divided into pieces and rulers of choice were planted over them, the land of Palestine was separated to from a State for the Jews. And Jews from all over the world were brought and settled here. Even today the Jews cannot survive for a day if the Christians withdraw their support from them. The invincible bunkers which the Jews had built on the other end of Sinai desert in front of the Suez Canal were destroyed by the then ruler of Egypt, who though himself was not a staunch Muslim, yet the worst Muslim is better than an infidel (as long as he is not a hypocrite at heart). The bunkers were destroyed and the Jewish army could not even find the respite to flee. Until the American troops landed there and the Egyptian ruler conceded saying he could not fight the Americans. Even today the State of Israel exists in Palestine because of the Christian forces and is no more than an American Cantonment. The Jews do not even today have the capability or strength to maintain their individual existence independently.

So if today they are provoking the Christians to invade the Muslims, then it’s time for the Christians to think that the Quran has enjoined upon the Muslims, to treat Christians with acceptance and tolerance. While it instructs the Muslims to stay away from the Jews.

The ‘Will’ made by the Holy Prophet-SAW had a sentence, which was never to let the Jews enter Arabia.

Whereas the Jews are bona fide enemies of the Muslims they are not friends to the Christians either. They had been behind the conspiracy against Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus) and now they are instigating the Christians to fight with the Muslims. So the Christians whom Allah-SWT has granted some insight or understanding must bother to think over this.

George W Bush is a controversial president of the USA who did not win the elections by any majority, but only by a few votes. And those few votes were also awarded to him by a court as the validity of the votes had been challenged in the Court. His brother, a governor of a State was accused of conducting a fake polling thereby accruing these few hundred votes.

And now G W Bush has crossed all bounds of sanity and is all set to go ahead with massacre, then it is also an historical fact that the Americans have never protested against anything as much as they have against this war. Whereas the rest of the world is also protesting and will continue to protest, it is certainly a moment to reflect for the Americans that the atrocities committed by G W Bush in Afghanistan earlier, and what he is doing to Iraq now has made the American citizens highly vulnerable and insecure around the globe. Wherever people come to know that a person is an American they do not want to even spit on his face.

Yemen is a small state; day before yesterday a native shot two Americans and then killed himself as well. Though he knew that he could be taken to a torture cell if seized, but he went ahead. He knew that suicide is forbidden in Islam and he could go to hell but he couldn’t care less. He thought if he was to go to hell he would rather take two Americans with him. Now where has this hatred come from?

The States of America must also consider a fact, that in some of these States, death sentence is not awarded to a homicide criminal, but he is merely imprisoned for life. This is because the States believe; that the victim is already dead, then why kill the one still alive? However his freedom be seized and he be confined behind bars. So if this is how they think then how did they accept the idea that innocent people sitting inside their homes, poor children, village women, old men and women be killed in Iraq? The peace loving citizens of America should disassociate themselves from the leadership of Bush; the States must declare independence.

The States of America are not like our provinces rather they are independent in all of their internal matters. The only three things they all have in common is defence, currency and a President. Apart from these every State has its own regulations. While travelling through the States I saw that the taxes levied on highways and the speed limits for driving vehicles varied from State to State. The legal framework varied from State to State and as mentioned earlier death penalty was prohibited in some states while permissible in other I think it is time for these States to ponder that if within their perimeters they believe that a killer should not be awarded death penalty for a victim who is already dead, but should only be confined then how have they accepted the ruthless killing and destruction of innocent civilians of independent Countries?

And it is so ironical that all this destruction is being done under the claim that “we have come to liberate you and to give you peace. We are only killing you that you may be cured from disease and suffering” Indeed what kind of treatment is this that an aching head be chopped off to relieve it from pain. Treatment should ensure the safety and well being of the head, isn’t it?

My request to the Muslims brethren is that there is a limit to disobedience as well. Our Character today has disgraced us before the non Muslims, and we have become helpless only because we have forsaken Allah-SWT and His-SWT Messenger-SAW.

Our Strength and honour lies with our association to Allah-SWT and His-SWT name. When the noble Companions-RAU had besieged the Bait-ul-Maqdass and the Christians felt that they could hold on no longer as food supplies were running out and death seemed imminent, they called a meeting to decide upon a strategy.

They suggested either the city be surrendered to the Muslims or else to open the gates of the city and go out and fight the Muslims with vigour. Let the war decide who wins.

At this, the senior most Patriarch of the Christians intervened suggesting not to do so. Rather they should ask the Caliph of the Muslims to come over for talks. Since a description of a Caliph of his turn out, character and conduct has been given in their divine Book. And it had been foretold in their Book that Bait-ul-Maqdass will fall to a Caliph and his army. So when he sees the Caliph he could recognize whether he was the same as foretold by their Book. If so then the city be surrendered to him without any resistance. Otherwise they may go out and fight the Muslims and will win, he said. Hence the Muslim army was informed that the Christians wanted to have a dialogue with them. However they must invite their Caliph to come over and talk to them. This message was sent to Hadhrat Omar-RAU the Caliph of Muslims and he made preparations for the Journey to Bait-ul-Maqdass. He took a Camel from the State Treasury and a slave to accompany him and set off to Bait-ul-Maqdass.

They travelled for a while with the Caliph on the camel’s back and the slave walking with the camels bridle in his hand. After a while the Caliph told the slave to make the camel sit down. He got off the camel for an equal distance as the Caliph had done, while the Caliph would walk along. The slave begged humbly at the improbability of his suggestion, as he could not even imagine riding the camel with the Ameer-ul-Momineen walking. He was only a humble slave and not even a free-man, he said. The Caliph said that he too was human as the Caliph. Anyway after much discussion the slave suggested that they could both share the mount with the Caliph in front and him at his back. The Caliph replied that the Camel was also a creation of Allah-SWT, so why should they both burden it while being healthy enough to walk. Hence only one of them should sit on it at a time, through a certain distance after which the other may take his turn until the journey is over.

Thus they carried on in such a way that for some distance it was Hadhrat Omar-RAU who would ride the camel while the slave walked with the bridle in his hand, then it was the Caliph walking holding the bridle with the slave riding the camel. When they came closer to the camps of the Muslim army it started to rain. The dress worn by Hadhrat Omar-RAU had many patches of leather, his shoes had become wet and messy and were about to tear apart. So the Caliph took off his shoes and held them in his hand and it was the slaves turn to ride.

The scenario being; the slave on the camel’s back, the Ameer-ul-Momineen holding the bridle in one hand and his wet shoes in the other wearing heavily soaked outfit with leather patchwork on it arrives before the Islamic army’s camp.

The commander of the army respectfully suggested that since the Ameer was to hold talks with the Christians he be allowed to offer a clean dress for the Ameer and a horse to ride on. Both were presented, the Caliph put on the attire and mounted the horse but instantly got off and returned that mount. He demanded his dress back and changed back into it. He told the Commander that the dress and horse presented by him had initiated a streak of arrogance in him. Whereas he believed that Muslim glory and honour was not dependant on expensive robes and stallions. As these were common features for them in Arabia even before the annunciation of the Holy Prophet-SAW but nobody acknowledged them as they were recognized today. Indeed their respect and recognition rested with their servitude to the Holy Prophet-SAW, he said. For him it was a matter of greater pride to follow the Sunnah rather than wear exquisite robes and ride a good mount. So the Caliph having put on his dress and shoes and told his slave to sit on the camel as it was his turn and some distance was yet to be traversed. He held the bridle and started to walk. The Christian patriarch was witnessing this scene from the city’s wall, he asked others whether the person sitting on the camel was the Ameer or the one walking along, covered with mud is the Ameer-ul-Momineen. The Patriarch said that this is the one described by their Book, as a person who would be bold, strong-willed a person of free-will who would be afraid of no one save Allah-SWT. It is his army which is to conquer Bait-ul-Maqdass; hence the keys of the city must be surrendered to him.

So they themselves presented the keys to Hadhrat Omar-RAU saying that the city belonged to him. The Muslim army gave peace and security to the native Christians. However when later on after the era of Hadhrat Omar-RAU the Christians had captured Bait-ul-Maqdass they caused such bloodshed and massacre that even the saddles of the horse got smeared with blood as the horses moved through pools of blood spilled all over. But when Salahuddin Ayubi-RAU conquered the city he gave amnesty to all and proclaimed that they could leave the city taking all their belongings that they could carry. The Christians carried loads of household belongings, wealth, other assets on their camel backs and left.

Again the Jews instigated the European Christians to come forth and fight but were all defeated.

Strangely enough, as much as I read about President Bush and the public opinion over him suggests that a majority of the public believes that he is fighting this was as a religious duty.

But who has told him that this was his religious duty? It is the Jews; but does he realise his religious obligation to fight against those who conspired against Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus)? Who has made them consume pork? Why does he not fight against them? What have the Jews left the Christians with when today their wealth is in Jewish control and their honour and dignity has been lost. What are the Christians then left with? Neither this world nor with religion! My request to the Christian brethren is that they should ponder over this and emancipate themselves from the Jewish shackles and establish their independent Christian states. Christianity professes peace and they should give peace and security to the world. It is by no means the teachings of Prophet Issa-AS to massacre innocent creation of Allah-SWT. Rather Prophet Issa-AS (Jesus) has taught forbearance that if a person slaps you on the face on one cheek, offer him your other cheek. This was his teaching.

While I, with an aching heart request the Muslims that our total asset is Allah-SWT and His-SWT Messenger’s-SAW name. Apart from them we have nothing whatsoever. Without these all our science, technology, assets armies are nothing but a heap of dust. For Allah-SWT's sake pledge loyalty to Allah-SWT to your Prophet-SAW! Forget about me or about anyone else; do not give any importance to anyone, and no one has any importance as well. If there is any importance it is that of Allah-SWT’s Words. Anyone telling us what Allah-SWT says is what is important; anyone who conveys to us what the Holy Prophet-SAW has said is what matters and that is why we respect that person. If this is not what he does, we have no reason to respect him. Prophet-hood has been finalized, the Quran is complete; thus nobody is now authorized to say anything new on any matter.

Hence my request to the Muslims is that they should renew their pledge of Allegiance to Allah-SWT and His-SWT Messenger-SAW. For maybe it is our sins which are causing the innocent killings in Iraq.

Hadhrat Abu Huraira-RAU, while highlighting the importance of offering Salat alone, narrated a Hadith saying that when a birds little ones or eggs are devoured by a jackal in the jungle it is because of the inauspiciousness of some person heedless of Salat.’ This is the gist of the Hadith not the exact words. It implies that the inauspiciousness of disobedience by a person casts its effects on other creation as well, because of which the innocent chicks are killed. Now today when innocent human beings are being decimated certainly it is the outcome of our sins, we who claim to be Muslims. We ought to help our brothers verbally, financially and by repenting over our sins. This repentance is also a form of assistance; perhaps this remorse could avert this catastrophe that has befallen them.

Otherwise do bear in mind that tomorrow it could be your turn just as today it is their turn. Earlier it was Afghanistan; today it is Iraq, who knows tomorrow it could be us or Saudi Arabia. But one thing is for sure that a Muslim State will be number three on their hit list. Khawazim Shah used to betray the secrets of Muslim States to the Mongols, and conspired to have the Muslims killed at the hands of the Mongols. Eventually the Mongols brutally killed Khawazim Shah as well. The Caliph of Baghdad used to spy on Khawazim Shah but was himself killed at the hands of the Mongols.

Today, once again the Muslim States are displaying a similar Character. Probably the young British Muslims view carries a lot of weight; maybe the assets of our rulers are stranded in Swiss accounts. But what about us? Myself and you are at least free to act. At least we should speak the truth and raise our hands in prayer. If we forsake the path of sin and resort to a life of obedience to Allah-SWT and His-SWT Messenger-SAW, only then we will be able to raise our hands in prayer. We must help them with our life, money, our pen and words, but our greatest help would be through our abstinence from sin. For this may alleviate this calamity form the Ummah and absolve us from the accountability in the Day of Judgement for their killing.

May Allah-SWT bless us with the capacity to repent, may HE-SWT accept our repentance and grant courage to the Muslims to fight back. And may HE-SWT inflict a humility and crushing defeat upon the cruel invaders. (Ameen)

May HE-SWT grant the States of America the capacity to deliberate in a free environment! Bush literally means a shrub, isn’t it; whereas this is a thorny bush as well. Then why should these states stay straddled in it, whereas this thorny Bush is tearing apart the fabric of this world and is ripping apart Allah-SWT’s creation. This indeed is a thorny Bush. My message to the American State is that, “O Freedom loving people of the free states of America! Think about your hereafter and come out of this Bush and breathe in an atmosphere of freedom.