Thursday, October 28, 2010

A very special dua at the request of a very dear friend!

I was asked by a very dear friend to flood her wall by sharing my dua’s because it might give other people some ideas about what they should also be asking for etc. I believe that dua’s are something very special and private between you and your Allah-SWT. Most of the dua’s are way too personal to share. They are either both personal and private because they concern you or because they concern someone dear to you and/or their private matter. But there is this one specific dua that I would like to share, because there is no one on Earth who cannot benefit from it...
See if my beloved were to ask me to ask him for anything at all and he would do his utmost to give it to me. I would ask him for himself! I would say “I want you! I want you to give me your complete self with all your affections, love, kindness, attention and joy with its utmost intensity, forever and ever and ever till eternity, that ‘may even death NOT do us apart’” so how could I ask Allah-SWT for anything less?
Over here my Allah-SWT has promised me that HE-SWT will Grant me anything at all if I ask with good will, sincerity, earnestness and passionately. And I know that Allah-SWT is the ONLY ONE Who has the Power to actually do so. When I know for sure that I will in-sha-Allah get what I want (there are no two ways about it)! So I ask Allah-SWT for Himself...
I pray “O’ Allah-SWT I want YOU-SWT (in Your complete and absolute entirety)! I want YOU O’ Allah-SWT with Your-SWT absolute Affections, Mercy, Love, Generosity, Pride, Greatness, Happiness, and all the Goodness that is You-SWT, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever till eternity, that may death never do US apart and may I be amongst those of Your-SWT beloveds (Muqariboon) whom You-SWT are ever so Proud of and who are a source of Pride and Joy for Your-SWT Prophet-SAAW. Keep me amongst those whom You-SWT are forever happy with, and they are forever happy with You-SWT. Whom You-SWT are Pleased to meet and see always and they are allowed to happily behold You-SWT forever. May I never be without Your-SWT affections and attention for even a fleeting moment!” Ameen!
Believe me, Allah-SWT is more real than anyone of us! And HIS-SWT Affections and Attention are way more intense than anyone of us can ever perceive. But we do have the ability to feel them (as long as our Qalb/heart is purified to atleast some extent), just like we can feel the affections and love of our mother or any person who truly loves us even if a gazillion miles separate us. (May Allah-SWT allow us to purify our hearts with the remembrance of HIS-SWT Name and allow us to feel HIS-SWT Love. Ameen!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010



Zikr-Allaah and meditation is all about helping you achieve; breaking free from the box and re-iterating your belief in Allaah-SWT therefore bringing out seemingly superhuman abilities.

There is a saying of Hadhrat Ali-RAU that goes something like this:"man can achieve anything he wants, as long as he believes Allaah-SWT can do it for him!" and that my dear is the crux of Islam and the sum up of the purpose, direction and achievement of this worldly life. Allaah-SWT wants us to live to the max but without oppressing or hindering other people from doing so too! Live and let live, be merry and let others be merry too!

The stronger our belief in Allaah-SWT the more we voluntarily submit to HIM-SWT the more FRE we become! Our belief in Allaah-SWT is the only path to true Freedom. Since Allaah-SWT is all Powerful, all Aware, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Controller and Creator of everything, and always does what is best and can manifest betterment in anything for us. Then we can achieve absolutely any heights we desire by simply believing in Allaah-SWT in His-SWT absolute entirety (with all HIS-SWT aspects as mentioned to us by the Prophet-SW) being obedient to HIM-SWT and asking HIM-SWT (making dua). We can actually fly without wings, as done many a times by different Aulia to reveal the Miracles of believing in Allaah-SWT.

So those people who claim to love Allaah-SWT but insist that they are unable to submit to His-SWT Will and become obedient to Him-SWT and His-SWT Prophet-SAW – Claiming to be devout believers but un-practicing Muslims...

Sorry to burst their bubble, but their claim is false!

People do not improve or change because they do not WANT to improve or change.

But people who believe in something cannot help but practice what they believe.

Knowing and believing are two completely separate things. And a Muslim is one who BELIEVES in Allaah-SWT and HIS-SWT Prophet-SW, not simply one who knows of them. Therefore “Non-practicing Muslim” is an oxymoron. One can be “a SOMEWHAT practicing Muslim”, making an effort to follow, as best as he can, at least the basic fundamentals for a Muslim (Salaat, Fasting, Zakaat, Sadqah, Hajj are the basic rituals that set a Muslim apart from a Non-Believer). And this would be so because of a bare minimum level of belief in Allaah-SWT and His-SWT Prophet-SW.

If one truly believed that Prophet Muhammad-SAW was an embodiment of Truth and never spoke anything but the truth, then that belief would atleast encourage one to know all that he-SW has shared with us, since Allaah-SWT has placed this inherent need in everyone to want to seek the TRUTH!
This need would bring us first and foremost to the first part of our Kalimah “la illaha ilAllaah” (There is no God but Allaah). Knowing this is THE TRUTH, we would instantly BELIEVE! (like the companions-RAU did).

After which we would like to know Who is this Allaah-SWT? and we are told that HE-SWT is the One and Only Creator and Lord of the Universe and all that has ever been created. HE-SWT is, was and will always be, even when there’s nothing! We are informed of 98 other attributes and are told that there are infinite more which we will discover after we die. And knowing this is THE TRUTH, we would instantly BELIEVE! (like the companions-RAU did).

After being informed of the Truth’s above we are lead to the Quran, which our very truthful Prophet-SW has informed us to be the Word of Allaah-SWT. And we are placed in direct communication with our Lord-SWT being informed by HIM-SWT about HIS-SWT likes and dislikes and what HE-SWT wants and expects of us. Knowing this too is THE TRUTH, we would instantly BELIEVE! (like the companions-RAU did).

And this BELIEF would instinctively make us submit, conform and abide out of IMMENSE LOVE for Allaah-SWT (for having Created us and Loving us and showing us Immense Mercy and allowing us to discover and feel the pleasures of life which would have been unknown to us otherwise) and INTENSE LOVE for the Prophet-SW (without whom-SW we would have never known Allaah-SWT and who-SW suffered endlessly to keep the TRUTH alive for us and all generations to come till the end of time).

Just like when we go to a very well recommended doctor, he listens to us with concern and diagnoses our disease with confidence. Reiterating our belief in his diagnose by highlighting symptoms we must be feeling which we failed to recognize or associate with this disease or problem. Then when he tells us we have to undergo minor surgery, but it must be done soon. He schedules the surgery for the next day and tells us to stop eating 8 hours before the procedure and stop drinking any liquids 5 hours before the procedure. We believe the doctor so we agree with the procedure and we believe that the procedure has to take place at the scheduled time so we abide by the instructions of the doctor and stop eating and drinking at the required times. This is the difference between knowing and believing. When one believes, they take the respective action. There are only two states a person can be in either “you believe” or “your are in doubt / you don’t believe”.

“I believe, but ...” is an oxymoron!

Belief, Love and Actions go hand in hand, otherwise it would be nothing but hypocrisy.

People who truly know Allaah-SWT cannot help but believe in HIM-SWT and instinctively fall in love with Allaah-SWT for HE-SWT is truly the only ONE worthy of our love. And when you love Allaah-SWT you cannot help but automatically change whether or not you consciously thought of doing so, for just our simply believing in Allaah-SWT pulls us out of the box and we are no longer inhibited or hindered by our previous actions, beliefs or limitations in our mind. The second we choose to BELIEVE in Allaah-SWT we seek forgiveness for all our past mistakes, we instantly make amends, we truly BELIEVE we are forgiven and we start from a blank new page to discover life and the pleasures thereof as permitted by Allaah-SWT.

This is not a judgment call, it’s a wakeup call!

We live with the choices we make, not only in this life, but also in the hereafter.

May Allaah-SWT allow us to make choices that bring us closer to HIM-SWT and earn us HIS-SWT Love, bringing us true happiness and success in both the worlds. Aameen!